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Phlebotomy Technician Training

48 Hours of Learning over 6 Weeks

Phlebotomy Technician Training

     HPC Career Center offers Phlebotomy Technician Training.  The course is 48 hours in length over a total of 6 weeks.  We offer classes on either Tues/Thurs evenings or full day Saturdays.  There is an option for distance education for classroom instruction with mandatory in-person lab work.   HPC Career Center continually updates the curriculum to meet the industry standards and safety/equipment updates.

Preparation for Blood Test

Course Description

HPC Career Center’s Phlebotomy Technician program is designed to provide students with a high-quality educational experience that will prepare them to work in every aspect of phlebotomy. This program will focus on knowledge in the technical, procedural, and social aspects of a career in phlebotomy.

What You'll Learn

This course includes the required collections of blood specimens via venipuncture (sticks), and capillary punctures; in addition to proper collection of sputum cultures, urine samples, stool samples and other required procedures needed to become a skilled certified phlebotomy technician.

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Hybrid Learning

The CPT program includes theory (in-class/ online) and hands-on lab instruction. The course is 48 hours in length over a total of 6 weeks.


Phlebotomy technicians collect blood from patients and prepare the samples for testing. Most work in hospitals and clinics, but some collect blood for donation purposes. Phlebotomy technicians are important members of the health care team and often need to explain the blood-drawing procedure and put patients at ease.

Blood Test

Phlebotomy technicians are responsible for drawing samples of blood and preparing them for testing.

Blood Sample

Common tasks and duties include:

  • Explaining procedures to patients

  • Comforting patients that might be nervous about needles

  • Taking blood pressure, pulse, and respiration readings

  • Drawing blood

  • Applying bandages after blood is drawn

  • Sending blood, urine, or fecal samples to the lab for testing

  • Sterilizing equipment and cleaning workspaces

  • Updating patient medical records

Organizing Test Tubes

With constantly evolving medical technologies, phlebotomy technicians must know the difference in blood test types and should be aware of how medications and diet impact blood samples.


Mission Statement

The mission of HPC Career Centers, LLC is to educate, train and certify competent Health or Home Care/Public Health and Phlebotomy Professionals to promote, provide, and ensure an outstanding service of health and safety to the public.

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